Friday, December 12, 2008

Snippets III

It's nearly the end of the year, and I'm awfully glad.  Save for a few random moments, 2008 has all but been one big fantastic fail.  And now I'm starting to worry.

You see, I'm pretty sure that since, oh, I dunno... 1997, possibly?... come the end of the year, I find myself closing my eyes and praying to the Powers That Be (PTB henceforth) that the year ahead will be a smidgen better than the last.  So for 11 years now, I've been waiting for a good year, and for 11 years now, the PTB have been having a good laugh at my expense.  Bastards.

Is this what happens with age?  That can't possibly be the case.  You just keep getting ... mm, I don't want to say 'unhappier,' cause that's not really fair.  But I'm definitely "getting" something.  'Bored' is about right.  So's 'indifferent.'  'Desensitized' is a good one also.  

In any event, I'm trying this closing-of-the-eyes-and-discussing-with-the-PTB business one more time.  If 2009 doesn't bring me happiness, love, an all-black FJ Cruiser with tinted windows, success, an extended vacation in London and a new couch... well, nothing good has ever come from threats, but you keep watching this spot and see what happens.
- - - - -

So, uh, anyone play Texas Hold 'em?  Let me know via email or comment.
- - - - -

I'm thinking of declaring my little section of the house an independent nation and suing anyone who violates my airspace.

I kid, I kid.  In fact, due to having a section of my own at home, I feel like I don't spend enough time with my family anymore, and I'm not a fan of these feelings.  It's completely my fault, of course, and I know that, but going about changing my habits is proving to be a bit more difficult than I could have imagined it to be.  
... I didn't really think this topic through enough.  More on this later.
- - - - -

I wish I were this talented.
- - - - - 
I've added an email address where you guys can send me private messages, should you ever need to.  I am not a fan of emails whose subject lines begin with "FWD," I don't want to see your funny videos or pictures of puppies and cute babies.  Informative, witty and personal emails are more than welcome, though.

Nobody in the history of posting their email address has ever been such a bitch about it, yeah?  You know I say it with a smile in my heart, boys and girls.  Email me at:
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And finally, if Julia Roberts married Raul Julia, divorced him and then married ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, she'd be Julia Julia Giuliani. 

"Hard work never killed anybody, but why take the chance?"

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I know I say this all the time...

... but honestly, this time I mean it.

I'm coming back with a bang.

Just like Britney, y'all.

"Don't call it a comeback; I've been here for years."