Saturday, March 24, 2007

... and you're all invited!

What: Screening of When The People Spoke II, by Amer Al-Zuhair

When: Tuesday and Wednesday, March 27 & 28
* Film to begin at 8pm sharp
(please give yourselves ample time to arrive to location)

Where: Sabhan
(see map)

(click for larger view)

Take Airport Road heading towards the airport, and make an exit at SABHAN EXIT.

Take the SOUTH SABHAN entrance.

Take ROAD #51 all the way past the FIRST TRAFFIC LIGHT.



The place is about 150 meters on your right hand side.
(if these directions are wrong or don't make sense, blame this guy).

Bring a friend or two or eight. Looking forward to seeing you there :)
"Dad is someone I look up to, no matter how tall I've gotten."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The headache of friendship

Sometimes I worry my expectations when it comes to friendship are too high. I demand a lot from my friends, but I give back exactly as I get. Loyalty is extremely important to me, as is honesty. When those two are removed from the equation, then the friendship is just not a friendship to me any longer.

Betrayal sucks. What sucks even more than that is when the other party doesn't seem to acknowledge the betrayal; when the other party seems to take your friendship and step on it without so much as a second thought.

I feel like a child with all the thoughts running through my head lately -- who sits and wonders anymore whether or not their 'friends' are their 'real friends'? That's just ridiculous. I'm at a point in my life when my inner circle of friends should have long since been developed. When I no longer have to worry about losing my 'real friends' should we have an argument or disagree on something, or whatever. Petty stuff! I'm not a child anymore, and I would hope they felt the same.

It kills me that I could be so wrong.

I'm not saying I'm not partly to blame -- perhaps in the past, through several misunderstandings, I've done my fair share of being a bad friend. But I can say without a shadow of a doubt that if I ever did anything to hurt any of my dear friends, I did so without realizing, and once I realized, I did my best to amend the situation.

It sucks when the favor isn't repaid, especially by those you feel closest to. What makes it worse is the realization that perhaps these certain individuals don't really care -- it certainly doesn't appear to be that way, anyway. I'm agonizing over it; trying to figure out what the hell happened, when it all turned to crap... but these people are going about their daily lives without a care in the world. Was that how much you valued our friendship? Enough so that when things turn sour, you can turn your back and completely ignore the situation at hand?

I know enough to realize that sometimes these friendships aren't salvageable. Doesn't make it any easier. One of life's greatest disappointments, in my opinion, is the fact that those closest to you are also the ones that seem to hurt you the most.

"Friends are those who treat you kindly behind your back."

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Desperately Seeking a Nokia

Man, it's becoming more and more difficult to maintain this blog. I feel pressured (thanks mostly to my father -- "yalla, 3ad, malalteena. kitbay something.") and while I normally work best under pressure, this time it's just not happening.

I'm beginning to think there's nothing going on in my life worth writing about. Of course, as that thought crosses my mind, I begin to feel extremely sorry for myself. How can I not have a single thing to say to you people? I live a life of fun!

Really. I do.

For instance, last week, I went on a business trip -- to the Seychelles. Uh huh, that's right. Business in the Seychelles.

My job totally kicks your job's ass, huh?

Anyway, I spent about 4 or 5 days there, and man, what a trip. First of all, it was around 50 degrees. HOT. Very, very hot. It was also 100% humid. And the Seychelles' sun doesn't hang out in the sky; no siree. It sits on your shoulder and just chills there: "hey, what's up? I'm the sun and I'm gonna accompany you everywhere you go this trip. I'll also give you a nice reddish color for your nose and cheeks as a keepsake of your stay here. Don't freak out when it starts to peel. That just means it's working, baby."

Anyway, despite it being a business trip, I had a relaxing five days of much-needed chill time. And chill time it was! For starters, we visited 3 different islands -- the first of which was probably the size of Mishref. This island had nothing on it but one resort. Beautiful little villas, a beach to die for, the best massages ever --- and absolutely no phone service or internet connection.


Yeeeeah. You may think you want to be without your phone for a while. You know... for a little quiet relaxation without anyone getting a hold of you. I'm here to tell you: NOT TRUE.

Goddamn. After 24 hours without a phone, people start acting weird. I was glad no one could get a hold of me, but I really just wanted to send a message or something -- 'Hey, nice place! Having a blast, wish you were here.' But I couldn't. And the couldn't part was making me nuts. I want the CHOICE, people. Give me the CHOICE to use my phone or not.

I'm such a Kuwaiti.

But I wasn't as bad as this one dude I was with. He was really having a hard time accepting the fact that we didn't have phones. I think he threatened to leave no less than 30 times. By day 2, he'd gone apeshit; talking to the trees, taking 8 hour long showers to make up for time he wasn't spending on his phone. I would have been worried, but he was from another newspaper -- one of our competitors -- so all I thought to do was point and laugh.

We eventually left that island and made our way back to the main island (Mahe), where phone service and the like were available.

Going between the islands, we used both small planes and boats. Let me tell you something about small planes. Actually, let me tell you something about large planes first.

I'm not a fan. I don't like to fly. I spent half my life on airplanes and I'm still not used to them. I get nervous during take-off and landing, and the many, many hours in between as well. People pretend they don't know me during turbulence.

So anyway, these small planes we were taking? Yeeeeah. I was sitting next to the pilot, and he'd casually turn to me every so often trying to make conversation.

"So, you're from Kuwait, eh? Hot, right? Ha. Ha. Ha."

Uh, keep your eyes on the sky and we can talk all about where I'm from once you've safely landed this toy, thanksverymuch.

Wow, does it sound like I'm complaining about this trip? Because, honestly, I had a blast! It was fun and relaxing and a totally new experience -- I mostly spend my travels in cold, cool places where jackets and sweaters are required. But I had a really, really good time.

... hey, would you look at that? I posted!

Enjoy, dad.

*maybe I'll post pictures?
"Go to an exotic island; eat the food, drink the water, lick a local."