Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Celebrity sightings

Yesterday was my father's birthday, so we had a nice family dinner at Peacock (not what it used to be. I know this; I've known this for the past 5 years that I've been back, but I still want to give it another chance, but it's not what it used to be).

Tangent aside, we're pulling up to the valet, and it's a bit crowded by my side (passenger seat)-- quite a few people standing around, hovering. My brother, who was driving, turns to see what the commotion is all about -- and really, it wasn't so much a commotion as just a handful of guys standing really close to the car -- and makes a comment, "Hunh. Looks like the dude from Terminator; T-1000?"

I look and think to myself, "Hunh. It does look like the dude from Terminator."

Step out of the car, and as we're entering SAS, I hear a couple of guys asking T-1000 for a photo.

Dude. It was T-1000. Real name: Robert Patrick.

So we're in the lobby now, and still sorta smirking at Robert Patrick hanging out at the SAS. As we're heading towards Peacock, I hear a deep, gorgeous voice say, "Michael!" I froze mid-step and whispered to myself, "David Palmer?"

Hell effin' yeah, it was David Palmer! Only the greatest President the United States has ever witnessed!

Ladies and gentleman, Dennis Haysbert, who plays President David Palmer on Fox's "24."

They were both dressed in the same black T-shirt; looked like they were there for some sort of cause or event, but I didn't stick around to find out anymore.

There was shrimp on toast to be had.

"Do not hijack my presidency!" -- David Palmer


Delicately Realistic said...

How random !

Peacock ra7at 3alay ;/

M said...

loool, "president David Palmer"

When Jil Got Phil Preggers said...

The Peacock has gone south to Persia - no, make that North by North-West, actually.

You will find Tang Chao to be the new Peacock in Qwait.

Heil Neurotica! said...

Although David and I we go back a long way I must feign complete ignorance of this other fella - what's his name, Bob something?

Celeb spotting is nothing new in Kuwait. We've seen the likes of Scarlet Johannson, Paris Hilton and Hugh Grant step out of Kuwait co-ops and burger boutiques numerous times. I think it's all part of a training exercise to put them through the paces before deluxe hotels start to offer celebrity valet service where you get to pick and choose a celebrity of your choice to be your valet at a nominal cost. The office grapevine has it that Georgie porgie pudding & pie once he retires from office might serve as celebrity valet to the Missoni Symphony.
So are you going to thank me for the heads up or what?

Joud said...

... and peking duck

Reading Amsterdam in Hong Kong said...


So what's a smashing film to watch this season, bint-bu-Naz ? Someone recommended "Eastern Promises" to me the other day. Thought I'd check with the film connoiseur first.

The Universal Misfit said...

Ou est la, N.Z ?

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