Sunday, May 11, 2008

Come one, come all

What: First screening of Amer Al Zuhair's newest film, When the People Spoke III

Where: The Graduates Society [Jam3iyat il Khireejeen], Bneid Al Gar

When: Sunday, May 11, 2008 @ 7pm

As some of you may know, Director Amer Al Zuhair recently won first prize for Best Documentary at the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai for the second part of his documentary series, When the People Spoke. Tonight, and for the first time, he will screen the latest installment, which focuses on the elections of 2006, the first time women participated in the voting process.

This is an important documentary, particularly with elections a little less than a week away.

Your attendance and support would be greatly appreciated. So come one, come all. Tell your friends, tell your family and see you tonight.

"Filmmakers are going to make films, just like painters are going to paint."


Barrak said...

شكرا لك

لابد من الحضور لمشاهده ابداعات الزهير

Anonymous said...

I agree ;)